• Ranch

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    As the predominant home style built between 1950 and 1970, the Ranch house is considered one of the earliest of the “modern” architectural movement. Often referred to as the California Ranch, this style blends characteristics of the American Western ranch with modern architectural style elements such as simplification of form and minimization of ornamentation. In addition, other key characteristics are borrowed from the Bungalow and the Prairie Style homes, including:

    • Open and centralized floor plan maximizing living space
    • Abundant use of windows drawing in light and nature
    • Porches and patios further fusing the home with nature
    • Limited use of ornamentation giving it an unpretentious character

    Experiencing a revival with the rise in Urban Renewal, Ranch style houses have become very popular with younger home owners seeking well-built, modern homes with design flexibility and located in well-established neighborhoods. Ranch homes can be recognized by several features such as:

    • Single story
    • L-Shaped, rectangular or asymmetrical
    • Low pitched, gabled or hipped roof with low, overhanging eaves
    • Attached garage or carport
    • Multiple windows
    • Simple clean lines
    • Sliding glass door onto patio

    Because of its simplicity in shape and limited ornamentation, the Ranch house offers infinite design options. Exterior Portfolio™ by Crane, with an extensive line of product styles and colors, allows you to craft a home that expresses your individual style. Some ideas include:


    • Siding (Top Half) – Clay CraneBoard® 6
    • Siding (Lower Half) – Tuscan BellaStone™
    • Gable – Cabin Portsmouth Shake® Cedar Shake
    • Windows – Bone 3.5” Windowsill Lineal
    • Corners – Bone5.5” Corner Post
    • Finish Board & Trim – Bone


    • Siding – Greystone CraneBoard® 7
    • Gable – Driftwood CraneBoard® Board & Batten
    • Windows – Driftwood 5” Window Lineal with Sill
    • Corners – Driftwood 5.5” Corner Post
    • Finish Board and Trim – Driftwood