• French Country

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    Inspired by the romantic countryside of rural France, the French Country style has become immensely popular in the U.S. This home style dates back centuries, but its heritage is most often associated with those first built in the late 17th century. Chateaus, bungalows or cottages…the French Country style represents a casual elegance in a rustic package!

    Enjoyment of the peaceful pleasures of everyday living, friends and family are keys to the French Country style. One can only envision the rolling hills of Provence with its fields of lavender set against hues of red and yellow as the sun sets over the horizon. Vineyards, olive farms, hilltop villages and bustling outdoor markets paint the picture of life’s simple pleasures.

    Characteristics of the French Country style are a delicate blend of old and new with formal and informal. Built upon the strength and solidity of Earth, it is an eclectic mixture of natural materials such as stone and wood. Because homes were built to last for generations, repairs and additions were made with the materials available at that time resulting in an intermingling of stone and wood types, colors and textures. They were inviting, solid and offered shelter and protection from the outside world. Warm, earthy colors such as dull grey, burnt orange, soft gold, deep browns and firey reds are blended with differing textures of stone and wood type.

    Some features of the French Country style include:

    • 1 to 2 floors depending upon style
    • Steeply pitched roof with gables
    • Small, paned windows with heavy shutters
    • Large stone fireplace
    • Extensive mixing of cladding materials, colors and textures
    • Random application of design elements
    • Exposed roof structure

    Exterior Portfolio™ by Crane, with its extensive variety of colors, lines and textures, can be beautifully blended with the French Provencal style. BellaStone™, with its real stone aggregate and random stone shape and texture, combined with CraneBoard® siding, represents the beauty, look and feel of this aged and refined style. An example of a home of the French Country style may have a front façade made up of multiple gables and facades. Some Exterior Portfolio by Crane design ideas include:

    • Center Façade Siding foundation to roof – Tuscan BellaStone
    • Left and Front Facades foundation to roof – Saddle CraneBoard® Board & Batten
    • Windows – Pearl 3.5” Windowsill Lineal
    • Corners – 5.5” Corner Post - Pearl