• Colonial Revival

    Colonial Image

    Following the Centennial Exhibition of 1876, Americans experienced a new sense of patriotism which was manifested through many aspects of their lives, including architecture. This style is referred to as Colonial Revival and was deeply integrated into architecture, including banks, churches and homes between 1870 and 1920. It is based upon the predominant style in America from around 1700 to 1830 when the colonists had declared independence from England.

    In the early 20th century, the Colonial Revival and the Tudor Revival were the primary home designs in the U.S. In many parts of the country, especially in the South and the Southeast, it remains extremely popular. Modern builders continue to replicate this classic home style. Some of the common features of the Colonial Revival include:

    • 2 to 3 floors
    • Rectangular, symmetrical façade
    • Multiple windows placed in pairs on both floors or with three treated as one unit above the entranceway
    • Dormers and gables
    • Formal entranceway with intricate design elements
    • Pediment supported by columns covering the front entranceway
    • Large porches or porticos
    • Bay windows

    Although the original Colonial Revivals were primarily white or off-white, many progressive home owners and builders are experimenting with color and texture. Exterior Portfolio™ by Crane offers an extensive line of product styles and colors that will allow you to express your own creativity with this classic American home style. Some ideas include:

    • Wheat with Dormers
    • Siding – Wheat CraneBoard® 7
    • Dormers – Wheat CraneBoard 7
    • Finish Board and Trim – Aspen White
    • Windows – Aspen White Window Crown Molding and Window Lineal
    • Corners – Aspen White 5.5” Corner Post
    • Foundation – Tuscan BellaStone™
    • Lighthouse Red with Central Gable
    • Siding – Lighthouse Red CraneBoard® Beaded
    • Gable – Lighthouse Red Portsmouth Shake® Cedar Shake with Pearl Trim
    • Finish Board and Trim – Pearl
    • Windows – Pearl Window Crown Molding and Window Lineal
    • Corners – Pearl 5.5” Corner Post

    Other versions of the colonial Revival include the Dutch Colonial and the Saltbox.