• Cape Cod

    Cape Cod Image

    One of the oldest and most prevalent home styles in the country is the Cape Cod. It originated in 17th century New England and experienced a revival in the early 20th century. Originally built by colonists to withstand fierce winter weather, they were small, rectangular and had little ornamentation.

    Cape Cods were built in the 1930s through the 1950s reaching their peak as soldiers returned from World War II. Some of their common features include:

    • 1 to 1.5 floors
    • Steep, pitched roof
    • Centered door with two symmetrical dormers and ground-level windows or a central gable located over the door
    • Chimney centered or at one end
    • Wide clapboard siding
    • Built without a porch

    Simplistic in its original design, the Cape Cod offers countless opportunities for remodeling. Exterior Portfolio™ by Crane includes a vast selection of design elements that allow you to create a unique style through an eclectic mix of color, line and texture. Some ideas include:

    Symmetrical Dormer Design

    • Siding – Greystone CraneBoard® 7
    • Dormers – Driftwood CraneBoard 7
    • Finish Board and Trim – Driftwood
    • Windows – Driftwood 5” Window Lineal with Sill
    • Corners – Driftwood 5 ½” Corner Post

    Centered Gable Design

    • Siding – Rye CraneBoard 6
    • Dormers – Rye CraneBoard 6
    • Trim – Bone
    • Windows – Bone 3.5” Window Lineal
    • Corners – Bone Natural Smooth SOLID CORE™ Corner Post
    • Foundation – Tuscan BellaStone™