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    Charming and charismatic, the bungalow is as adored today as it was when it was first introduced. Born out of the Arts & Crafts movement, it first originated in California around 1890 and quickly spread East. This style was further popularized by The Craftsman magazine which was founded by architect and furniture designer, Gustav Stickley. This style went on to influence other famous architects, including Frank Lloyd Wright. With its presence in pattern books such as the Book of Modern Homes by Sears, Roebuck, and Co., it continued to flourish across the country.

    For many, the Bungalow represented the achievement of the American Dream - home ownership with fine craftsmanship, architecture and style at an affordable price. Simplistic in design and relaxed in nature, the Bungalow was a reaction to the formality and high degree of ornamentation of the Victorian era. Compact and efficient, it maximized living space with its open, airy and centralized floor plans. Perhaps the single most important feature of the Bungalow was the fireplace which allowed for closer family relations.

    Rustic in nature, its flat, horizontal lines intermingled with low pitched roof, extended eaves and exposed, overhanging beams make it appear as an extension of earth. Large, wide porches recessed into the house give the feel of an outside room. Foundations made of natural materials such as stone further enhance this blending of nature.

    Bungalows can be quickly recognized by features such as:

    • 1 to 1.5 floors
    • Horizontal, low pitched roof – either hipped or large, centralized fireplace
    • Exposed roof structure
    • Large covered porch with thick square or round columns
    • Central dormer

    Combining a harmonious blend of color, line and texture, Exterior Portfolio™ by Crane gives you the power to create your home…one that expresses your individuality. To create a home representative of the Bungalow’s organic nature, a product combination may include:

    • Siding – Cypress CraneBoard® 6
    • Front Gable or Dormer - Mocha Hand-Split Shake
    • Finish Board and Soffit – Mocha
    • Windows – Mocha 3.5” Window Lineal with Sill
    • Corners – Natural Smooth SOLID CORE™ Corner Post - Mocha
    • Foundation – Tuscan BellaStone™