• American Four Square

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    Taking its inspiration from Craftsman architecture, the Four Square with its regal simplicity and stately presence was the most popular home style built in America between 1895 and 1930. Its popularity flourished primarily due to the multiple home design options available through pattern books (mail order catalogs) such as Book of Modern Homes by Sears, Roebuck and Co. Often found in older urban streetcar suburbs, they were built on very narrow lots and built for efficiency and practicality. These homes are sturdy and solid and maximize the living space for families. Four Squares can be easily recognized by several distinct features key to this style such as:

    • Square and boxy shape
    • 2 to 2.5 stories
    • Low, hipped roof with deep overhangs or gables
    • Large central dormer or one to four dormers
    • Symmetrical groups of windows
    • Large, deep, and wraparound porches

    This style offers countless options for creative homeowners to craft unique looks through use of multiple features such as dormers, gables and bay windows blended with different colors, styles and texture. Exterior Portfolio™ by Crane offers an extensive line of product styles and colors that will allow you to build a home to express your individuality. Some ideas include:

    • Contrasting first and second level siding colors, styles and textures separated by a trim belt to give it an eclectic and harmonious style.
    • Lower Level – Clay CraneBoard® 6
    • Second Level – Evergreen Portsmouth Shake® 8’ Long Length Cedar Shake
    • Windows – Country Beige 3.5” Window Lineal with Sill and Crown Molding
    • Corners – Country Beige 5.5” Natural Smooth Corner Post
    • Trim – Saddle Band Board
    • Foundation – Tuscan BellaStone™ Coordinating a single siding type with complimentary trim colors and textures for a cohesive appeal.
    • Siding – Cypress CraneBoard 7
    • Windows – Rye 5” Window Lineal
    • Corners –Bone True-Milled Corner Post
    • Trim – Bone Band Board
     In addition, creative use of colors and textures on key focal points such as dormers and hipped roofs provide further ways to design a home that expresses your unique style!